Course Description

"Tourism: theory and practice" is devoted to the disclosure of philosophical and sociological views on tourism, the basic concepts of the tourist sphere of activity, the structure and subjects of international tourism systems and the development of tourism systems in Uzbekistan. In the course of studying the course are given the types of tourism, functions and features of tourism. The tasks of teaching the subject to reveal the socio-economic essence, principles, methodological bases, functions of tourism; attraction of foreign investments to increase the material and technical base of tourism; familiarization with the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan; formation of tourism policy; international experience and domestic practice of organizing tourism activities.


#Tourism #socio-economic essence #functions of tourism

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  • Course Name

    Tourism: Theory and practice

  • Lecturer Name

    Shukhratjon Sayfutdinov

  • University

    Tashkent State University of Economics

  • Period

    Spring 2018

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