Energy Engineering

Course Description

The course "Thermal power plants" refers to the portion of disciplines, including a set of tools, techniques and methods for the transformation of primary energy into heat and electrical energy and providing optimal modes of operation and development of technical systems. The objects of professional activity of a specialist are: thermal and mechanical equipment and processes are complex technical systems related to the production of heat and electricity, to the design, manufacture and operation of thermal and mechanical equipment. Students learn to: serve the boilers in thermal power plants, to conduct maintenance work on the main and auxiliary equipment of boiler shop, fuel and fuel oil facilities, prepare the fuel for combustion, control the operation of thermal automation and instrumentation in the boiler room, build and test the ground and auxiliary equipment of boiler.


#production of heat and electricity #thermal and mechanical equipmen #thermal automation and instrumentation

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  • Course Name

    Thermal power plants

  • Lecturer Name

    Nilufar Yunusova

  • University

    Tashkent State University of Economics

  • Period

    Spring 2018

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