Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanisms and machines, history and methods of their development, kinematic pairs and their classifications, kinematic chains and their types, high and low kinematic pairs, and space moving mechanisms, their classification, transfer function, linear and angular velocity, accelerations, trajectories of the mechanisms and their points, schemes of mechanisms, analytical and experimental methods, speed and acceleration diagrams dynamic parameters of the mechanisms and their characteristics, dynamics of machines, the moment of forces and the moment of inertia, kinetic energy of the dynamic model and equations in the differential form, solving the movement equations, nonlinear motion of machines, determination of kinematic pair reactions using power plans, finding normal and reaction forces, guiding power calculations, Jukovskiy's theorem used the equilibrium force, equilibrium mechanisms, static and dynamic equilibrium of rotary mass, frictional effects, their kinematic pairs effects, internal and external friction, mechanism and functional kinematic synthesis of crystalline mechanisms, conditions of existence of crank, types and their use of friction and band extensions, their determination of geometric and kinematic parameters, types of chains and their synthesis, types of gear mechanisms and their use.


#mechanism #machine #teeth wheel #geometric parameters #dynamics

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  • Course Name

    Theory Of Machine And Mechanisms

  • Lecturer Name

    Daliyev shukhratbek

  • University

    Andijan Machine Building Institute

  • Period

    Spring 2021

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