Mechanical Engineering

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           In the course of machinery and equipment for light industry, students and students will get acquainted with the types of textile machines, their applications and theories of weaving and sewing machines. The clothing industry is one of the most significant branches of the light industry, both in terms of the volume of products manufactured and the range of industrial equipment used in production. This equipment is extremely versatile. 

           Technological processes and operations used for the manufacture of clothing largely determine the design and arrangement of the equipment necessary for their implementation; taking into account the purpose of the process, the method of performing operations, as well as the shape and size of the processed products, whole types and classes of equipment are created that ensure the manufacture of products with the least cost of time while achieving the best quality.


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  • Course Name

    Machines And Apparatus For Food Production

  • Lecturer Name

    Sobirov Rasuljon

  • University

    Andijan Machine Building Institute

  • Period

    Spring 2021

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