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Powder metallurgy refers to the method of producing them from powder without going through the smelting process. In this case, the main processes are the production of material powder, the formation of the produced powder. The resulting powder is heat treated by burning at a temperature below the melting point. The fact that powder metallurgy is one of the main methods of creating these new materials began to be applied to production as a result of many years of research by scientists. One of the main achievements of powder metallurgy was the ability to produce materials with special or structural properties that can be used in the national economy, regardless of the melting temperature of metals or alloys. It also made it possible to obtain materials from different elements that did not mix with each other in a completely insoluble liquid state.


#powder metallurgy #structural properties #porosity

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    Fundamentals of powder metallurgy

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    Qodirjonovich Shamshiddinov

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    Andijan Machine Building Institute

  • Period

    Spring 2021

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