• 09. How do I digitally sign a PDF document?

  • 08. Does the courseware have to be in English?

    The courseware should be in the language of instruction. If you would like to have a wider use of the material, please create the material in English. It is up to the participating faculty to decide.
  • 07. If I give my material away openly, what happens if someone takes it and claims it as his/her own?

    You are not putting your material in the public domain. What you are doing is applying an open license that reserves some rights for you. Users cannot take your material and claim it as his/her own because the license mandates that the user properly attributes the original author.
  • 06. Is there a minimum amount of materials I should produce at the end of the term?

    The minimum length of materials for submission is attached.
  • 05. Is it OK to use existing OCW material?

    As long as you are using the material in accordance with the license terms, it is fine to use and edit existing material to create your own.
  • 04. Are there any other assistance in the project?

    There will be a workshop for all participating faculty members. You can choose to be present either online or offline. In the workshop, we will cover topics such as using digital materials in your classroom, understanding copyrights, and improved teaching practices.
  • 03. What kind of technical assistance is provided in this project?

    Participants of the projects work together virtually, and the project host does not provide on-site assistance. You may send in your questions, but for more immediate technical support on how to produce digital contents, we recommend that you seek help from the teaching resource center in your institution.
  • 02. What kind of materials are constituted as Open Course Ware?

    Any type of material that can be used in a “course” would be acceptable. Video and audio files, powerpoint slide presentations, lecture notes, exam questions, class activities, syllabus and other materials that show teaching and learning activities throughout a course are components of Open Course Ware.
  • 01. What is Open Course Ware? Can I get credits by studying it?

    Open Course Ware is high quality educational materials organized as courses. They are Openly licensed for distribution, re‐use and modification, available to all on the internet. However, it is not distance learning, nor does it provide credits.