About us

OCW/OER Initiative

As the host of UNESCO UNITWIN(University Twinning and Networking), Handong Global university(HGU) located in Pohang, Republic of Korea(ROK) plans to harness the internet to utilize open course ware in order to increase access to quality education for everyone.

UUOOI initiative is a type of Open Course Ware(OCW) which refers to a web-based learning source that is open to the world. OCW is similar to “MOOC”, which stands for Massive Open Online Courses. However, OCW and MOOC have fundamental differences in communicative way.
OCW releases lectures online and it is one-way online public lecture service and MOOC allows both-way communication for learners and the lecturer.
In addition, Open Educational Resources(OER) refers to free teaching and learning materials that are publicly provided for professors, students, and learners so that use for learning and education without circumstantial barriers. UUOOI aims to provide quality education for all. Expanding the UNESCO’s global movement, “Education for All(EFA)”, UUOOI initiative aims to support those who cannot enjoy the privilege of formal education and disseminate knowledge and experiences through the internet regardless of distance, infrastructure, and global health crisis.

UUOOI initiative is sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education(MOE) and seeks qualified scholars at the university(or even higher education) level to contribute to a growing pool of open lectures throughout the world.

The initiative will provide an online platform for scholars to upload their course materials, allocate monetary funds for them who are willing to participate and share their resources, and offer Trainings on teaching with digital media and intellectual property right.

Our expected outcomes are as follows